Quinoa & Oats Pancake with Corn Salsa

Quinoa & Oats Pancake with Corn Salsa

Yield: 10 pcs.

Safety Tip

Often when we cook at home or eat in a restaurant, we have leftovers. To ensure that leftovers are safe to eat, make sure the food is cooked to a safe temperature and refrigerate the leftovers promptly. Not cooking food to a safe temperature and leaving food out at an unsafe temperature are the two main causes of foodborne illness. Safe handling of leftovers is very important to reducing foodborne illness.

Health Tip

Grains and starches are the main source of carbohydrates in our diet. These are rice, bread, and pasta. It is a source of fiber and vitamin B. It is recommended that half of the grains come from whole wheat, such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, and whole-wheat pasta.​

Ingredients :

For Quinoa Oats Pancake:

  • Oats powdered ½ cup
  • Corn meal ½ cup
  • White quinoa powdered 1/3 cup
  • Rice flour ¼ cup Zucchini 1 nos. Butter milk 1 cup
  • Green chilies fine chopped 2 nos. Coriander leaves chopped 1/3 cup Ginger paste 1 tbsp
  • Baking soda 1 tsp Lemon juice 1 tsp Salt to taste
  • Oil for cooking

For Corn Salsa:

  • Corn kernels 2 cups
  • Red onion chopped ½ cup
  • Red bell pepper chopped ½ cup
  • Green bell paper ½ cup Black pepper powder ½ tsp Olive oil 2 tbsp
  • Lemon juice ½
  • Fresh coriander leaves ½ cup
  • Salt as required


  1. Wash your hands and make sure that all food preparation surfaces, containers and utensils are clean.
  2. Grind oats and quinoa separately and make a fine powder and set aside. Grate the zucchini and chop the coriander leaves and green chilies and set aside.
  3. In a mixing bowl, combine all flours listed, grated zucchini, chopped green chili, salt, ginger paste, chopped coriander leaves and butter milk (little by little) and make a semi thick batter. Keep the batter aside for 25-30 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile for the salsa chop the anion, coriander leaves, red bell pepper, and green bell pepper. Place them in a mixing bowl with corn kernels. Add olive oil, salt, black pepper and lemon juice into it and mix together.
  5. Corn salsa is ready. Keep it aside.
  6. After 30 minutes, add baking soda and lemon juice into batter and mix it nicely.
  7. Heat a non-stick pan at medium to high heat. Once it is hot, reduce the heat at low to medium heat. Sprinkle some oil in a pan, pour 1/2 cup batter, and spread it slowly in a circular form. Do not make it very thin. Sprinkle some corn salsa on top. Let the pancake cook until bottom part gets a golden color, and the top of the pancake looks dry.
  8. Flip the pancake very carefully and sprinkle some oil on it. Let it cook for
  9. 1.5 mins. Flip it again, it should have a golden color, if not, flip it again and let it cook until it has a golden color.
  10. Quinoa and Oats pancake with corn salsa are ready to serve.
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