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Dubai Municipality's "I Pledge to Food Safety" initiative aims to simplify and integrate food safety into daily decision-making. The campaign involves a holistic approach engaging various sectors of society, fostering a collective commitment to safe food practices among individuals, businesses, communities, and families. The initiative seeks to make food safety an integral part of everyone's choices for a safer and healthier community.

    I pledge to food safety


    Safe eating is a shared commitment that strengthens our community's health. Explore our latest news updates by clicking the link and share this article with colleagues, family, and friends. Together, let's build a healthier and safer future.

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    Let’s Talk Food Safety

    Back to Business after Rain Impact- Food Safety Essentials

    Safety and quality of foods can be impacted by the damages caused by rain. Here are some essential steps to get back to business safely.

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    Knowing how to properly handle eggs is important both for homes and food businesses, so it’s imperative to practice proper egg food safety.

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    Bacteria that cause food borne illness multiply quickest between 5°C and 60°C. The Danger Zone is the temperature range in which bacteria grow the quickest.

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